Wikipedia defines cyber-bullying as a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. Cyber-bullying , also known as cyber harassment or online bullying, has become increasingly common as the digital sphere has expanded and technology has advanced.

Celebrities and public figures are not immune to cyber-bullying and if anything, they are an easy target by virtue of the fact that they literally live  their lives online.

And with the lock-down and quarantine, it seems netizens have a lot of time on their hands to troll others online. While there are celebrities that have grown a thick skin overtime and are thus not fazed by the bullies, there are others who respond by withdrawing from social media.

Singer Nadia Mukami is the latest victim of online bullying, which saw her quitting social media. She made the announcement on her Instagram page with a promise that she would be back.

Nadia Mukami/ Twitter


Just a few weeks ago, comedian Mulamwah claimed he was leaving comedy thanks to the incessant trolls he was receiving online. The comedian went ahead to burn his characteristic attire and posted the video online. Fellow artistes came out in droves to support him, urging him not to quit a career that he had worked so hard to build.

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Ruth Matete makes it to the list of celebrities who’ve quit social media due to cyber bullying. Early this month, Ruth lost her husband Beloved John to a fire incident. Shortly after the announcement of her husband’s death, wild allegations regarding the cause of his death were made. As expected, netizens were quick to point an accusing finger to the musician. Ruth was vindicated as postmortem results showed that John died following multiple body organs failure after suffering 60 percent burns from a gas explosion.

Ruth Matete and her late husband John Beloved

Tiktok sensation Azziad Nasenya was catapulted to the limelight thanks to the Utawezana dance challenge that she aced. As her fame grew, so did cyber bullies with others going as far as digging up her old photos and body shaming her. And when people got hold of her phone number, the bullying moved to calls and SMSes forcing her to change her phone number.

We definitely remember the cyber bullying that Kenya’s patient zero, Brenda Ivy Cherono, was subjected to once her identity was revealed. So bad was it that her photos were shared on social platform Telegram.

Brian, Kagwe, Brenda/ Photo Courtesy

Following Brenda’s cyber bullying, Health CS Mutahi Kagwe expressed his dismay at Kenyan for alleging that Brenda’s recovery was a public relations gimmick. He thereafter called for the police to arrest social media abusers, a sentiment that news anchor Yvonne Okwarra supported. Ms Okwara, while appearing on Citizen TV’s News Gang, called the actions on social media shameful.

She added that Brenda was being bullied because she was a woman. This did not sit well with a number of social media users who did not waste time to troll her. It didn’t take long before Ms Okwara was trending on Twitter, with many of the tweets condemning her.