Qianjiang city in Hubei  province, the epicenter of the COVID-19 corona virus, has offered to pay up to 10,000 yuan (app. Ksh 142,500) to corona virus patients who turn themselves in to the authorities for testing and treatment.

The city has so far confirmed 197 cases, and lies just 150 km from Wuhan, where the virus is believed to have originated. It is hoping that through these financial incentives, more people will voluntary turn up for the medical checks.

Those who test  positive will be receive the 10,000 yuan, those who are suspected to be sick will receive 1,000 yuan and for those whose condition cannot be immediately established, a sum of 1,000 yuan will be availed. The reward will only be available for people new cases.

Hubei province is responsible for 2600 of the 2800 corona virus deaths so far, and 65,000 confirmed cases of the 80,000 reported globally.

Other regions are also doing the same, offering between 300-500 yuan for people who are test positive for the viru.

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