The corona virus has thrown even the world biggest economies into a frenzy, with governments all over the world scrambling to put in measures to prevent and contain the virus. The virus has so far claimed 2800 lives, with Europe being the new epicenter of this contagion. More so, it has had a massive impact on global economies and Lord only knows if countries will ever recover from its throes. Here are some of the measures Governments have put in place to curb the contagion.


Russia has canceled over 200 flights to China, and recently added South Korean flights and Iran visas to the list. It has also closed its Mongolian border and evacuated its citizens from the hard hit Wuhan area. Those who are evicted are quarantined for 14 days.


President Donald Trump applied a ban on non-citizens who have recently been to China from getting into the US. The US has also enacted mandatory quarantines for people who have been to China within past 14 days. This is after it emerged that screening is not always accurate, and that people who have tested negative before have turned out to actually have the virus later.


India has earlier on delivered medical services to its citizens in Wuhan, today (27 February) it evacuated 76 of its nationals from China.


Taiwan has severed travel and tourism links with China, while also raising the epidemic response level to highest.


The Australian Prime Minister believes the world in on the brink of a pandemic. As such he has green-lighted emergency measures in preparation for impending attack. Travel bans on non-Australian passengers have also been extended.


Italy had earlier banned all flights from China. Now, it is the hardest hit country in Europe. Towns in Italy have been put on lockdown, with schools and stores remaining closed; and sports fixtures and fashion shows cancelled.


Japan has closed all elementary, middle and high schools to curb the spread of the virus which now threatens its plans to host the 2020 Olympics.


China has also put cities on lockdown. Its streets are regularly disinfected and  movement to and from its hardest hit regions is closely monitored. It has even offered money to corona virus victims so they can turn themselves in for treatment.

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The national carrier, Kenya Airways announced cancellation of China flights. Flights from China have been suspended by the High Court. The passengers aboard incoming flights China have been asked to self-quarantine. The government has expressed a mild interest in the evacuation of Kenyan students in China while largely iterating that they are better off remaining there due to the lockdowns.