Forgetting about their feet

Taking care of your feet is one of the simplest yet very important grooming essentials. There is nothing worse than a fine looking gentleman with unkempt feet. Ensure you clip your nails often, wash your feet as you take a shower and buy a foot file and make use of it. They say the areas of your body you see the least receive the least care, but this should not be the case. Pay attention to the unseen just as much as you do to that elegant shoe.

Overdoing it with products

David Beckham couldn’t have said it better, “The secret to a good masculine scent is subtlety.” Whether it’s fragrance or oil on your hair, the art of grooming is to make an effort, but not to make it obvious through sight and smell, to those around you. The principle is simple – do not overdo it.


Shaving pubic hair is a subject some men would not pay any mind to when it comes to grooming. Understandably so, considering no one really sees (or cares) what’s going on down below. However, like any other hair on your body, it needs to be kept under control. This area needs to be handled with caution as the slightest misstep can send you into a world of hurt. There are tailor-made products that are effective and gentle, so find what works for you and handle your package with care.

Not making use of sunscreen

However tough or macho you are, you cannot be tougher than the sun. Sunscreen has been perceived to be a woman’s thing but the effects of sun exposure cut across the board. Photoageing and cancer are just some of the risks you are exposing yourself to. Therefore, don’t limit sunscreen use to holidays.

Being too much of a perfectionist

It is great that you pay attention to your appearance, and men who do so should be applauded. Even so, the idea is to care, but don’t make it look like you care too much. Focus on the basics and keep it simple.

Skimping on deodorant or using none

The fact that deodorant is important cannot be emphasised enough. The truth is, some people give off fewer odours than others but everybody has a trace. Like any other body product, deodorants may not work for everyone; nonetheless, find what works for you and keep your pits dry and odourless. In addition to this, do not settle for a deodorant that just does the basic job; find one that covers you in more ways than one, so to speak.

Long hot showers

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot shower after a long day. Unfortunately, they do more harm than good to your skin. Dermatologists caution that frequent hot showers and baths disrupt the skin’s natural balance of moisture, robbing you of the natural oils, fats and proteins that keep skin healthy. Instead, go for lukewarm or cold showers a few times a week to sooth your body and maintain the body’s natural pH.

Neglecting your hair

Being a man is no excuse for laxity in hair maintenance. The first step is to avoid over-washing your hair, as it will help keep the natural oils intact. The second and most important step is to keep it neat and well-kept. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few extra coins for a quality haircut. Remember, you’re only as good as your last haircut.