Yes, forget a massage by hands. The knife massage therapy is an ancient Chinese therapy, invented by Buddhist monks over 2000 years ago. Bizarre as it sounds, the massage employs very sharp knives “cutting” all over one’s body, including the face. The sharp blades are quickly run through the body with nothing else but a thin piece of cloth between them and the skin.

This massage taps into the energies of yin and yang. It has a holistic effect and stimulates the circulation of the yin and yang energies in one’s body. Although people think it is painful, it is not. Compared to its original version, it is soft.

“It is quite a strong therapy,” says Garnier, a french knives massage practitioner.

The butcher like knives used in the massage go into parts of the body eliminating bad energy from them, leaving the body feeling fresh and energized. Contrary to reality, the Chinese belief that listening to the knives cutting across your body is meditation.

After the therapy, the body expels hot and cold energies (yin and yang), that the Chinese traditional medicine uses to explain how opposite forces are interconnected. Expected to feel pain, this leaves the body feeling relaxed and more energized.

In the massage, the primary role of the knives is to facilitate the exchange of energy. This practice is based on the principle that human beings are bodies of energy. As so, just like planet earth, they have both negative and positive magnetic poles. It is the alignment of these poles that bring harmony into their lives. Through the meditation of both the knives and the practitioner, positive energy enters the body of the patient. The stagnant negative energy within the patient is then released into the world to be recycled.

Benefits of the knife massage

  • Relaxation of both body and mind
  • Cell regeneration
  • Balance between hot and cold internals of the body
  • Unlocking the body’s energy points
  • Improving sleep quality