• PublishedMay 8, 2019

If you don’t read books and do not intend to, don’t be too quick to flip the page just yet. Imagine for a minute the impression a bookshelf can create in your home. Bookshelves have a way of making you look smart as well as creating a cozy feel that makes you want to pick up a book and read. Explore with us different bookshelves ideas to consider this New Year.

The invisible bookshelf

This kind of bookshelf holds up to 15kgs of books. All you need is a stud and presto which you will screw directly to the wall and you will have yourself an invisible bookshelf. For this kind of bookshelf, the maximum stack height is 16 inches.

The book tree

If your décor is inspired by nature, then this is the bookshelf to consider. Its tree-shaped form will make you recapture moments when you were out in the park enjoying your book.

The book seat

You can use this playful and artistic design as this bookshelf doubles up as a seat and a shelf. Those with limited space will find this bookshelf particularly appealing.

Dream Bookshelf

It is not your everyday bookshelf design as it is structured in the form of thoughts. And if you consider yourself a minimalist, this bookshelf is not only stylish but also brings an edge to the room without it being too pronounced.

Pulse-line bookshelf

This one is for the book lovers to the core. It is aesthetically appealing and not only acts well as a bookshelf, but also as a display for smaller items like family portraits. To create a pulse-line effect, its edges are painted with fluorescent paint which defines the silhouette.

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