The sports docket has come under fire in recent days.This comes after the unearthing of the female netball’s deplorable conditions while representing the country. Sports CS Amina was however quick to recluse herself from the saga. Her statement of recluse was made during a national assembly sports committee hearing. This hearing was called after Kenyans called out for blood in defense of the country’s sportspeople. The government’s PR machine thus went into overdrive and the CS was summoned.

Blame game

The CS was however not shy of passing the blame on. This hearing doubled down as a status check on stadium constructions. As she gave updates on both matters, the CS declared a lot of sports’ issues were brought about by the treasury’s complacency. Mps on the other hand felt differently. According to some legislators, Amina was guilty of neglecting the welfare of athletes. A claim that was vehemently denied. “Information was picked up on social media by the mainstream media. We shall give you a full report. But i want to say not everything in the mainstream media is the gospel truth” she said.

She further went on to say “I want to tell this committee that we worked hard to make sure they (the netball team) have their tickets on time. They are not stranded anywhere. She however the treasury under the bus. In a bold statement she claimed that the treasury was the reason for the docket’s troubles. According to her, despite the allocation of 2.7 billion in 16/17 only 424 million was dispatched.

Stadiums progress

Another bone of contention has been the promised stadiums. Before getting to power, the president promised refurbishment of stadiums across the country. Years later and deep into his second term, not much has changed. Despite Amina’s assurance that progress would be seen once money was released, the Mps remain unconvinced.

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