Women are pretty insightful but often find it hard to gift stuff to men. Whilst this does not ring true for all women, the socks, cologne and shirt trifecta is a pretty common go-to. This can only be done so many times, especially if in a relationship. Men are different and the question of how to get the right gift for men needs you to take different factors into consideration.

The key to gifting a good present to a man is practicability. Assess his daily routines, his likes and plug into his life something he lacks but needs. This however doesn’t always have to be the case. For significant others showing that you think about them and appreciating them is equally important. Below are some unique universal items that can act as a starting point.


A watch is definitely in the cliche gift list. It is however arguably a compulsory item for every man. Watches are perfect as gifts because there are so many options to choose from. Whether you’re in the market for a high-end piece or a reasonably priced well working watch, you’re covered.  It is also a gift that can be given to anyone whether a brother, father, son or lover. You can get a nice watch at any gift shop around you.

Ring for a Quickie bell

How glad will your partner be if all he has to do is ring for a quickie? That is what the Ring for a Quickie bell is for? It is loud as it can be, and can be heard through out the house. This unusual gift is purely reserved for your significant other. It plays on adult humor and thus should be carefully thought through. Ensure you are at a point in your relationship where you are sexually comfortable enough to give such gifts. Not only does it spice up your sex life it can be used by either of you. But most importantly it’s just a way to have fun with each other. They are available on Amazon on order.

Skin Care Kit

A lot of men are starting to embrace proper skin care. The majority however still lags behind. Regardless of whether the person you’re gifting this to is pro skin care or not, a skin care kit exposes them to it’s existence. A basic skin care kit should contain a cleanser, moisturizer and scrub. Such a gift should however be given to someone you are close to.

Although gifts are extremely personal and subjective. These facets are important on how to get the right gift for men.

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