This generation of parents has been accused of raising ignoramuses. These are children whose main focus is video games and number of followers on their social media pages.

Reading is currently considered old-fashioned to them and parents are mostly to blame for this.

A reading nation is a smarter nation, so the only way parents can raise a child who is aware of the political, social, economic and cultural issues around them is to encourage them to read.

Here are ways you can encourage your kids to read:

Read stories everyday

Reading will become a part of children’s life if you expose them to literature more. They learn new vocabularies, improves their reading and writing and they get to learn something each day. They learn about people, places and events outside their own experience. Such exposure will encourage them to read even when you are not together.

Get your children reading materials

Just the way you have a collection of your favourite dishes, a parent should always have a small children’s library in the house. It does not have to be a room, a shelf with children’s read will do. These interesting books and magazines of their reading level will provoke a reading habit. These books should be of a variety of topics so that they can be explore most fields. This will keep them interested as same topics tend to be boring. A variety of reads also contributes to your child’s social and economic growth.

Freedom to choose what they read

Give your child the freedom to choose what they read as long as it is age-appropriate. When a child chooses what they want to read, they will be more engaged with the book. They are also more likely to retain information unlike when they are forced. You can let your child choose what they want to read at least twice a week. This will ensure they look forward to reading. Choosing their own read goes a long way in helping them identify their interests in life

Be interested in your child’s reading

Give genuine praise to your children when they learn new vocabularies. Your feedback is what will encourage them to keep reading. If their grades improve because of their reading, you can give them a little treat. This way they will try hard to become great readers.