Does your waistline keep expanding due to the amount of food you eat? You probably eat huge portions because what you are eating is loaded with sugar and salt.

Some nutrition experts believe such artificially flavoured foods stimulate the appetite so you have to eat more to feel full, but paradoxically, you are so lacking in nutrients that the body keeps sending out ‘hunger’ signals and so you keep eating.

You can break this pattern by eating smart. Enzymes are the real workforce of the body. Without enzymes the body can neither manufacture the vitamins it needs nor break them down from foods containing them.

If you are not providing your body with this raw material in the form of fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds, it can’t get what it needs from what you are putting in it.

You can still have satisfying comfort foods such as yams, sweet potatoes and brown rice. These are the wholefoods that fill you up after a relatively small portion because they are giving your body what it needs.