Ezekiel Njoroge Kinuthia, 41, a gospel musician, is an excited man as he prepares to have a second wedding with his wife after years of a volatile relationship and separation. He blames lack of a male role model in his life after the abandonment by his dad set him on a reckless path. He shared his experience with MWAURA MUIGANA.

“Growing up without a dad really affected me after my parents separated on account of dad’s heavy drinking. I lacked a male role model and turned rebellious. Nonetheless, mum was determined to straighten me to prove to doubting Thomases that a single mother can bring up disciplined children. She was a committed Christian and spiritually nurtured my six siblings and I. I vowed to be a family beacon and worked hard at Kamandura Primary in Limuru, where I remained among the top ten students throughout my primary school education.
In 1987, I enrolled at Ngenia High School in Limuru.I made friends with some of the boys in the upper classes who were into drugs and alcohol. Not long after, I was initiated into drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and eventually smoking bhang. Quite often we sneaked out of school to buy the drugs in nearby shopping centres.
I was talented in music and dancing which seemed to synchronise well with my newfound anti-social habits. One of my siblings, now deceased, used to escort me to disco competitions in discotheque halls where I perfected my dance moves. I won every competition and loved being cheered and receiving prizes and accolades.

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