The security of bank accounts in Equity bank is under scrutiny after a 73 year-old woman, Faith Wanjiku lost 970,000 shillings. According to transaction details, she lost her funds on July 16, 2019.

This information was shared on Twitter by  State House Digital Communication’s Director Dennis Itumbi after concerned relatives of the sick lady contacted him with the details.

Eazzy pay app

On the said date, money was drawn from the woman’s account as follows with Eazzy pay app, a mobile app by Equity Bank meant to make transactions efficient:

(1). Ksh 300, 030. 00 to Vivian Jelagat Kips

( 2). Ksh 300, 030. 00 transferred to Anthony Babu Kaira

(3). Ksh 300, 030. 00 Kelvin Maina Mwaniki

(4). Ksh 70, 000.00 to various Equity numbers”

However, according to the information provided by the relatives, the lady doesn’t poses a smartphone to install an Eazzy pay app which requires one.

The source went on to reveal that she has never lost her ATM and on reporting the matter to the bank, an official claimed that she had shared her PIN number with a third party which she denied doing.

Failed to share report

Wanjiku had opened an account with the bank so that money from the sale of a piece of land would be deposited into the account. Two million shillings was deposited into the account which would have aided her in buying another land and building a house to settle in.

The woman also claims that the bank refused to share the report on investigation into the fraud.

Equity Bank responded with this message on their social media platforms:

Below are some tweets from Dennis Itumbi on the issue: