Nursery school denies girl ,2, admission due to 'deformed skull'

  • PublishedSeptember 26, 2019

A village nursery in Alatany, Russia is under heavy scrutiny after denying a 2-year-old admission to  school for having a ‘malformed’ skull. Their reason for this, they said, is that the girl will scare the other students. Despite facing pressure from various fronts, they are adamant that if the parents want the child admitted, they should let her undergo the necessary surgery. This surgery is intended to be done so as to change her appearance. However as it stands, there is no medical definition for what ails Sofya. The surgery has however been pushed back numerously for unknown reasons.

Local charity steps in

2-year-old Sofya Zakharova was born with joint toes and a deformed skull. This condition left her skull enlarged and uneven. Due to this predicament, Sofya’s parents – Sveltana and Rasul have looked for a diagnosis and treatment to no avail. This is despite help from Rainbow of Goodness, an Alatany-based charity dedicated to helping the less fortunate. Rainbow of Goodness have stepped in to ensure Sofia and her parent’s rights are not abused and that they live in humane conditions.

Through their contacts, the charity organization have been able to ensure the matter gets to the authorities. An investigation is currently underway to determine why the surgery has been pushed back. The officials who denied Sofya admission are also set to be investigated. In spite of this, the Russian nursery school remains unwavering in their resolve. Experts have also doubled down on the situation, declaring to the family that if she does not interact with other kids, her growth will be stunted. By interacting with fellow kids, she will be able to cope with her condition in the real world. Real world interactions help one come to terms with themselves and also accept themselves much quicker.

Plans are also underway to relocate the family as Sofya and her parents currently live in deplorable conditions. They live with her grandparents whose house lacks basic necessities such as running water and heat. Top officials have thanked Rainbow of Goodness and promised remedial actions.

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