Slightly over one-and-a-half-hour drive from Nairobi and only 30-minutes’ drive from Nakuru, Naivasha is one of Kenya’s top destinations. Naivasha is sought out for its proximity to Nairobi, making it an excellent weekend getaway for families. Its favorable weather and ambience, natural features such as the lake, parks as well as a number of hotels make Naivasha a destination of choice for many people.

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Those with children, you can take them for an excursion at the Hell’s Gate National Park, the Lake Naivasha, Lake Oloiden, Crescent Island Game Park, horse riding as well as the Crater Lake game safari.

If you are looking for a bush travel experience, you can choose to stay at the many lodges located on the shores of Lake Naivasha. These lodges offer breathtaking views of the lake and Mount Longonot.

There are also lodges located in wildlife conservancies such as the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary Game Corridor that connects Lake Naivasha with Hell’s Gate National Park. Naivasha is also home to traditional camping vacation suitable for couples and small families. The camps are sure to give you an authentic wilderness experience.

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During the year, Lake Naivasha experiences two dry seasons and two rainy seasons. Understanding these seasons is an important part of planning your ideal Naivasha safari, as the presence or absence of rain affects vegetation growth for visibility, pasture availability and water levels, as well as wildlife behavior.

When vegetation and water sources are abundant, such as during the long rainy season, the animals are more dispersed. During the dry season, though, water and vegetation is scarce, so the animals congregate around the few remaining waterholes.

Resting at an elevation of 1890 meters is the serene freshwater Lake Naivasha and the most distinct way to see the lake is on a boating excursion. We also recommend a bush walk so that you may have an up-close-and-personal experience with the smaller life forms.

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On accommodation, you need not worry as there are accommodations for practically all budget types from high-end premier accommodation to mid-range deluxe accommodation to modest, value accommodations.