There are plenty of unusual customs around the world that you probably aren’t aware of. Here are a few fascinating rules collected from all over the world.

In Bulgaria, shaking the head YES (up and down) means no, and shaking the head NO (sideways) means yes. This definitely will confuse some in question-answer sessions

In Turkey, shaking your head means, ‘I don’t understand. Say it again. For you to say ‘No,’ you have to click your tongue and toss back your head.

In South Africa you are definitely likely to get timings wrong, ‘just now’ means – sometime in the near future, and not immediately! But ‘Now now’ means immediately.

When the French say, ‘Thank you,’ it often means ‘No, thank you.’ You are expected to insist to stress that you are grateful.

If you like your friends you have to spit on them! Our own Maasai tribe greets each other by spitting on each other. When greeting an elder, you have to spit on the shaking hand before offering it.

In Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Burma, you do not touch adults on the head and of course you do not use your feet to point at objects.

Russia is the land of superstitions! No knives, scarves or clocks as presents. No shaking hands through a doorway. Never acknowledge a pregnancy (really – no showers, no nothing). No whistling in someone’s home. Always give an odd number of flowers. Quite a bunch of odds right there.

Now you are in the know