It’s that season again, the football season when our social media walls are being painted right left and centre with football tales and fights. Unfortunately, many ladies dread the weekends because this football matches become more important than them in their relationships and marriages.

An open mind will go a long way in finding your peace. Here are a few things to consider:

This man had a life before you met him

Don’t you think it is demeaning someone to suddenly consider to be nonsense something which he has done almost all his life- yet it is not a crime? Unfortunately, the more you disregard his love for football, the more he draws towards it, subconsciously even to prove a point- that he loves soccer and that is not about to change.

You also have hobbies which he is not interested in

It is selfish, to say the least, to expect someone to throw out the window his hobby yet you wouldn’t want someone to tell you the same of yours. Yes, you might say you’ve already sacrificed some of yours. Maybe he values this one of his that much, so much that it is very very hard for him to let it go. No need competing so don’t go looking for how to revenge by getting something you won’t sacrifice. It’s strenuous enough already with just one of you having such a hobby so close to his heart. Also remember, it’s not his fault that what he loves takes up so much time and costs so much less than your own hobbies. Don’t compete.

Reds, Blues, and Toffees: A football lesson
Contrary to what most ladies think, football is not about just chasing leather around. There is an elaborate process in which its done, which is why teams have captains.

Consider liking football

This might sound ludicrous, but only because you already look at football the wrong way. You see it as something that spoils your relationship or that causes your better half not to give you as much attention as you deserve. What if you look at it in another way? It could be an interesting sport that can actually be liked by anyone if you take interest. You might surprise yourself after googling a few soccer rules and a little about those alien-sounding leagues then watching a few matches.


EVERYTHING in a relationship pretty much works on the balance of communication, so speak. Choose a good time, when you have already shown a change of attitude and there is no fight about it. Don’t shy away from saying what you feel, respectfully. But also, be humble enough to admit if you’ve been looking at it the wrong way, and say what you’re willing to do or to change in order to accommodate him. It is easier to get him to consider your feelings when he sees clearly that you consider his. Remember you’re in a relationship to complement each other and not to compete so don’t focus too much on what he needs to do. Do your part first. We’ll talk to the men too and hopefully you’ll meet each other halfway.

You, soccer and your girl- She doesn’t have to hate it
Whether you will end up with her by your side at those match-watching sprees or still alone but fighting less about it, you want as peaceful a relationship as you can get.