Four little girls who met as they were battling cancer celebrated their victory over the scourge with a photo shoot. The fate of the four – Chloe, McKinley, Lauren and Avalynn – was intertwined when they met at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Hospital in Florida, USA, where they were being treated. Chloe was battling a rare form of lung cancer while the other three had acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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The girls are aged between four and five years and the cancers have gone into remission hence the photo shoot to mark this important milestone.

According to the girls’ parents, taking photo shoot has been a tradition for the girls ever since they met. In their first photo shoot, they are all sporting bald heads.

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This year’s photo shoot was a bit different as the girls looked triumphant, granted Lauren was the last to complete her final treatment on September 10. They looked pretty in tutu skirts and t-shirts with the word ‘Survivor’ inscribed on them.

The girls plan to continue coming together every year for more joyous photo shoots.

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