The government has directed mama mbogas to stop chopping vegetables for their customers to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

This is part of the fresh guidelines issued by the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development.

“Traders selling fresh food items such as vegetables, should not chop the vegetables. These should be sold whole to avoid contamination,” reads part of the document.

The mama mbogas and their customers should don their masks. They should wash their hands and tools of the trade with water and soap or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

The ministry of trade has also issued standard guidelines for other businesses such as the jua kali, grooming and waste collectors. Other sectors included are restaurants, offices, airports, railways, national parks and game parks. The government has also issued guidelines for cyber cafes, the agricultural sector, markets, factory, wholesalers and retails.

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Standard guidelines for other businesses

Every jua kali artisan must have their own work station and their own tools. They should disinfect any shared tools.

All those in the personal care and grooming sectors such as barbers and salons should maintain some distance between the workstations.

“Limit the number of people in the Hair Salon or Barbershop at a given time such to maintain minimum distance between people,” the document reads.

For easy contact tracing, grooming businesses should keep a daily attendance register with names, IDs and contact details.

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Restaurants and eateries should use shifts so as to reduce the number of employees at the joint. They should also encourage cashless transactions and take advantage of e-commerce transforms.

“Arrange transport for staff, where possible, to reduce public transport use,” the government advises.

Restaurants and eateries ought to keep the doors open or use swing doors to reduce contact of door handles. The government has also directed them to keep windows open for fresh air circulation.

All businesses have to set up social distance guidelines, regularly disinfect their surfaces and tools of the trade and wear protective gear. Every business should also have a temperature screening protocol and where possible keep a daily register.