A lot of controversy and stereotypes surround raising boys to men. They include things that society thinks men should not do. For example, kitchen duties. Such rules make men highly ignorant of the challenges that women go through.

In light of this, parents should strive to raise sons that are tolerant and sensitive to societal issues like the challenges women face in their lives. Such sons, when they grow up, become men who are in tune with their emotions and are not afraid to express them. Moreover, such men are likely to point out an injustice that has been committed against anyone including women.

Here are some tips to raise a son who is emotionally aware.

Encourage them to feel

It is likely to find boys being told not to cry or complain and instead deal with their emotions like men. This way of talk is very destructive for it tends to encourage bottling of emotions. Bottled emotions find a way of erupting in one way or another and in most cases it ends badly.

Therefore, in order to ensure your child is in tune with their emotions, make sure every single emotion is felt as it should. Make a point of understanding it too by discussing their emotions to avoid manipulative children.

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Build relations with your son

Having a close relationship with your son helps in developing certain emotions first hand. It also gives you a free pass to discussing issues that your son encounters. Having a relationship with your son allows you to observe him, and in case of a sudden change, you are able to point it out and address it immediately. It keeps you from being a victim of manipulation because you can tell fake from real

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Be their confidant/guide them through the emotional confusion

Expressing emotions can be confusing hence needing guidance from a more experienced individual. Try and be the first person your son turns to when they are dealing with something, otherwise they will find help from individuals who may mislead or tease them.  You, on the other hand, are in no way capable of ridiculing and belittling them when they talk to you about their emotion.

Teach your son how to set boundaries

Just because your son is sensitive does not mean they should be accepting of every little thing. Their sensitive nature is likely to attract manipulation from their peers. Discourage them from become punching bags and emotional cousins for other children who do not understand how to navigate their emotions. Instead let them know that other people's emotions are not their responsibility.

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In conclusion...

Raising a sensitive son means not conforming to the stereotypical ‘boy code’ and instead encouraging expression of compassion, gentleness, and vulnerability. Be sure to do it in a way that makes it seem acceptable in a world that is likely to try to drive the idea out of your son.