You have invested heavily on creams and serums to keep the wrinkles and ageing lines at bay. Your makeup kit features products that give you that youthful and enviable glow. However, there is still something off – you look older than you actually are. The culprit may be your hair. Admittedly, the way you wear your hair can have a great effect on how young or old you look. Here are hairstyles and hair mistakes that age you, and how you can prevent that.

Badly made hair extensions

Hair extensions such as weaves, synthetic hair and human hair are a saving grace to many women. However, they can be a bane if not well styled. This is one of the reasons why men loathe them as they have seen the effects of a badly done weave. The biggest culprits are short weaves that give many hairstylists a challenge to pull off. If you are not sure about your hairstylist’s competence, go for long, curly weaves.

Over straight hair

If you have been blessed with long hair, avoid wearing it straight as it hardens your face while accentuating every fine line. Also, don’t make the mistake of parting it in the middle. Incorporate movement into your hair with subtle waves, which will add life and buoyancy to your looks.

Hair cut that doesn’t complement your face shape

With the craze of short, natural hair still raging on, it is imperative that you get a haircut that takes your natural face shape into consideration. Overlooking this often-ignored fact can age you. Look for a hairstylist who is conversant with face shapes and the corresponding hairstyles. Once you have cut it, consider wearing it a bit shaggy to give you a modern look. You can also add some colour to give it some oomph.

Going for the wrong hair colour

Without doubt, changing one’s hair colour is a delicate job that requires to be handled with the meticulousness it deserves. Ideally, your hair colour should complement your skin tone. A colour that is suited for your skin tone has a flattering effect. Whatever colour you choose, do not over colour your hair as it often results in a cheap and forced appearance.

Unhealthy hair

This is a no brainer: dry, frizzy and lifeless hair will add more years to your face than wrinkles would, while a healthy-looking hair can make you look younger. Moisturise your hair regularly even as you look for a hair regimen that will add life and vivacity to your tresses.

An incompetent hairdresser

After all is said and done, the buck stops with your hairdresser. You might have good intentions and bright ideas but the ultimate look is dependent on the consultation and service you will receive from your hairstylist. The sad news is that not all hairdressers will get it right. A good hairdresser should be able to understand their client’s lifestyle vis-à-vis the hairstyle they want and advise them accordingly.

Published May 2016