Trabzon half marathon champion Edwin Mokua on Monday evening sustained injuries on his back and left shoulder after he was attacked by hippos in Manguu village in Nyahururu.

The accident happened when Mokua was doing his evening jog with his training partner Dennis Kipkosgei.

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Kipkosgei noticed that his training partner was out of sight, that’s when he decided to go back and check on him. To his surprise, hippos had attacked and injured Mokua.

Trabzon half marathon champion Edwin Mokua in hospital. [Source: Citizen Digital]

The half marathon champion was preparing for a marathon in Turkey, which is set to take place this weekend. The 27-year-old was given first-aid at Nyahururu Private Hospital then he was transferred to Nyahururu County and Referral Hospital for specialized treatment. Nonetheless, Mokua is now in stable condition.

Mokua’s coach, Francis Kamau has urged the government to re-open the Nyahururu stadium so that they can reduce such accidents. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, athletes have been training in an open field near the Ewaso Nyiro River.

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Just four days ago, another man sustained serious injuries after he was attacked by hippos in the same area.

So far, two people have succumbed and three others injured by hippos in Manguu village. Nyahururu residents are now urging the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to set up camp in Manguu village to prevent such cases from happening.