Here is how to get your kids to wear a face mask

Here is how to get your kids to wear a face mask
  • PublishedAugust 11, 2020

With the recent skyrocketing Covid cases, you find it safer leaving your kids at home. Although some research have indicated that they can only be vectors for the disease, they are at also at risks of getting infected. However, when you have no choice but to bring them with you, you have to have a mask on hand.

Question is, how do you get them to wear the mask, especially the younger ones?Here are a few tips to help make the process a little smoother.

Be honest

Be honest, but not scary. Regardless of their age, tell them the reason as to why masks are being worn. Be careful not to share more information than is needed. Explain to them that wearing a mask helps in keeping both them and the people around them safe.

Get them involved

The best way to have them wear the mask is getting them in the selection of the masks while buying. Allow them pick their favorite colors and prints. With this, they will always feel proud in putting on something they picked out for themselves.

Get one for their buddy

Most children are likely to wear a mask if their “buddy” is wearing one too. If your child has that one favorite doll or teddy bear or toy that they like carrying everywhere, get a mask for them too. The next time you go out, their buddy can tag along as long as they are wearing a mask too.

Get them a reward

As it is, most kids respond positively to what they dread when they know there is a reward. Reward them with something they like, be it ice cream or an extra hour of entertainment for following the mask rules every time they are out.

Turn it into a game

Competition is also a good motivator for kids. The best way to achieve it is through effective games. Just like “who can go the longest without blinking” game, you can also come up with a mask game. This can involve points for anyone who does not touch their mask or remove them when you go out with your kids.

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