Like women, men too like to be touched. However, many women miss this point and thus play a passive role in the lovemaking experience leaving the man to do

  • PublishedFebruary 27, 2017


Like women, men too like to be touched. However, many women miss this point and thus play a passive role in the lovemaking experience leaving the man to do the donkeywork. In this era of equity and equality, men too need to be given their due in the bedroom. We tell you where and how to touch your man.

The myth that women are the only ones who enjoy foreplay is dead and buried. Research after research has corroborated the fact that men too not only enjoy foreplay, but stand to benefit from it as well. Studies also reveal that men love a woman who takes initiative in the bedroom to ensure that they both get the most from the experience.

However, it may not be easy for a woman to completely open up to a man and take charge of things in the bedroom and this is largely due to the conservative African background that they have been brought up in. Couple that with the fact that there is little information on sex education and you will understand the phenomenon.

Many women are thus unaware of what to offer their men, apart from their vaginas, during sex. But men are more sensitive and attentive in the bedroom than women give them credit for.

Men, on the other hand, have a lot to play with in a woman’s body and priming their partners for sex therefore comes easily. That’s why they take time to mentally, physically and emotionally prepare women for sex. With all the pleasing that men have done, it is
time for women to give back by being deliberate on pleasing their men.

This article reveals his sex spots that will have him beg for more. After reading this, you will have no excuse for being lost and clueless when it comes to playing the seduction game.
#1 His mind
A survey that targeted 7,000 men conducted by a dating site revealed that men are turned on more by foreplay with the mind than with the body. The research concluded that if a man’s brain is sexually excited, his body cannot but follow.

Start by making a strong visual impression by wearing underwear or lingerie that will appeal to his sexual sense. Something in passionate red or vibrant purple will not let you down. Leave subtle hints of what you would want to do with him once the two of you are alone such as a text message or lightly touch him to activate his mental interest.

When talking, look at him coyly directly in the eyes and avoid giving direct answers. Be witty by turning around every word he says and linking it to the bedroom. And wear perfume with scents associated with sex; avoid, at all costs, strong perfumes with an ‘old lady’ scent.

#2 His neck
The neck is a very sensitive area for both men and women by virtue of the fact that it has several nerve endings. In addition, the thyroid gland, which is responsible for the body’s metabolism including sexual drive, is found in this region. Give his neck a feathery touch with one hand as the other gently caresses his nape for an instant shiver.

Play with his Adam’s apple before switching things up with breathy kisses. When embracing or cuddling, wrap your hands at the back of his neck under the head while maintaining eye contact and watch as his eyes fill with passion for you. While at it, gently caress his head and scalp, moving your fingers up and down his neck and ears. Where you take it from there is entirely up to you…

#3 His ears
Just like the neck, the ear lobe has numerous nerve endings that you can use for the purpose at hand. No wonder men go crazy every time their ear lobe is touched. And isn’t it amazing how a simple whisper or love song can switch things up. Start by talking sweet nothings, in a soft tone of course, in his ears.

The warm air from your mouth will have a lasting effect on his erection. Then use your tongue, teeth or fingers to turn him on. Give him a bite on the top of his earlobe then run your tongue along the edge for a guaranteed quiver. Explore the area behind his ears too.

#4 His tongue
This has got to be the simplest way to turn on a man. However, don’t stick to the same tongue motion over and over again. The tongue is such a flexible organ and this gives you room to mix things up such as circling your tongue around his, gently sucking his tongue or pressing the top of your tongue against his for an amazing sensation. When kissing him, switch from his lips to his tongue for a deep, wet kiss.

#5 His perineum
The perineum is the area between a man’s penis and his anus and it is an area often ignored during sex, yet it has the capability of guaranteeing your man an explosive orgasm. This region is rich with nerve endings and always produces satisfying sensations with the right stimulation.

Use the knuckle of your index finger to gently massage the spot during sex especially when he is about to orgasm. To make the experience better, mix up the massaging direction (clockwise, anticlockwise, up and down) and the pressure applied.

#6 His inner thighs
The inner thighs are one of his most sensitive places and touching this zone can get him in the mood – fast. With your fingertips, move up and down his inner thighs in a slow motion. You can also gently massage his inner thigh as doing so will increase his excitement by stimulating the nerves thus increasing blood flow to his genitalia. Maximise pleasure by adding a little licking.

#7 His nipples
Men’s nipples are full of pleasure-receptive nerve endings. Unfortunately, not many women give them the attention they deserve. With the correct stimulations, the nipples can be erogenous zones to transmit feel-good sensations to the brain. Gently and coyly draw circles around his nipples without touching them.

Then run your fingers down his left ribcage to his lower abs before moving up on the right ribcage and make circles again. Thereafter, lightly touch his nipples and areolae to draw excitement. You can substitute your fingers with the tip of your tongue by licking the outline of his nipples and making circles around it. Periodically suck and nibble his now erect nipples. Remember to work on both his nipples.

#8 His prostate
The prostate is a pleasure minefield waiting to be tapped. No wonder it is often referred to as the male G-spot. The prostate can be stimulated through the corpus cavernosa – the two spongy, erectile tissues in the penis. The cavernous bodies contain most
of the blood in the penis during an erection and this explains why they need to be given attention. Use your finger pad (on the tip of your finger) to flirtatiously massage the prostate.

#9 His butt
Have you ever noticed how men are obsessed with women’s butts? It’s because they know how it feels to be grabbed on this zone. Why don’t you return the favour by giving this part a little attention? He sure will appreciate it and the results will be evident. Firmly but gently massage his bums during sex or when you have gone down on him.

A gentle smack or a squeeze when he is least expecting it can also arouse him. While still on his bum, move and rub your fingers just above his hipbone. Gently move up the spine while exerting pressure before moving down to the bum and gently squeezing it.

#10 His penis
It is said the best things often come last and that is why the penis comes last in this article. This should be no brainer especially since the penis is many a women’s favourite play toy on a man’s body. The head, frenulum and rim are very sensitive to rapid stroking. If things get too dry, use some lubricant or even saliva to dampen the environment. Start off slowly as you gradually speed up for maximum pleasure.

Be mindful of the pressure applied as the skin around this area is very sensitive and thus prone to tear.

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