There is something about the holiday that makes our hormones go bonkers. It could be the relaxed atmosphere; zero work concerns and what have you. And while sex should always

  • PublishedNovember 30, 2016

There is something about the holiday that makes our hormones go bonkers. It could be the relaxed atmosphere; zero work concerns and what have you. And while sex should always be great, it is supposed to be mind blowing during holiday seasons. We give you tips that will help you add a little extra magic in your sex life this holiday season.

Let’s face it; sex gets better and more frequent during holiday seasons. Several reasons have been fronted for this phenomenon. For starters, it is believed that one feels sexier possibly because they have let their guard down and have no time to worry about that bulging tummy or skin breakout.

Secondly, one has no work commitment or appointment hence they have more time, which translates to more sex.

Thirdly, and this especially applies to those of us who take one or two for the road, one is constantly tipsy. Being tipsy is enough reason for one to not only feel extra sexy, but also have the confidence to try out that sex position that they always eschew. You and your partner should therefore use this holiday season as an opportunity to recharge and reset your neglected sex life.

That said; the holidays come with sexpectations especially after the stresses of everyday life have suppressed one’s sex life. However, for many couples, their holiday sex lives more often fall below their expectations. Don’t be part of the statistics; with the following sex tips, you will be on your way to making your holiday sex as enjoyable as it should be.

Find a suitable getaway

You have spent the whole year stifling your screams during orgasm to avoid waking up the neighbours or you don’t want your kids, who sleep next door to yours, to know that daddy and mummy are having sex. As a man, you have been extra careful on the romping  because the squeaking bed will give you out.

Admittedly, having sex in such an environment hinders you from having the best experience, as you are conscious of your surrounding thus don’t concentrate on the task at hand. It’s time to pack up your bags and treat yourself to a luxurious hotel where you will be able to freely explore your sexual desires and spice up your sex life. Being away from home also revs up your libido and relights 2the flame of passion.

Pack up smart

This should be no brainer, however, there are items that many couples forget to carry and which could actually see your idea of a great holiday sex go down the drain. For example, if you are not on contraceptives and you are not ready for children yet, remember to pack condoms (and lots of them).

Also carry a lubricator; you don’t want to be caught short in the midst of passion forcing you to use some unorthodox method to lubricate. In the spirit of spicing up your sex life, pack clothes that are likely to arouse your partner. Invest in a good pair of underwear because foreplay is going to be a big part of your holiday sex; haven’t you got all the time?

Set social media limits

A saying goes that social media has managed to bring people who are far from each other close and those close far away. Nothing blocks intimacy like digital distractions; you might as well have stayed at home. Peoples’ obsession with phones is at an all-time high and it is wreaking havoc in many relationships. Some people even admit to scrolling their phone during sex! It is also not pleasant to hear a phone ringing when you are just about to orgasm.

To be on the safe side, switch off your phones or any digital device when you are about to get intimate. This will give you a chance to focus on each other. Avoid the temptation to share your special moments on social media and instead focus on sharing these moments with 4your partner.

Don’t forget foreplay

Foreplay is a critical part of the whole lovemaking process. While the traditional belief is that foreplay is good for women only, men also stand to benefit from the experience. A deliberate form of foreplay brings pleasure to both partners, ultimately making the sexual experience more pleasurable. Use the holiday to get to know each other more intimately through foreplay. If you aren’t planning on a quickie, spend time on foreplay and only start intercourse when you are both fully primed for sex and 5struggling to control your desires.

Experiment, experiment, experiment

Holidays offer the perfect opportunity to experiment on many things in life including sex. Use this opportunity to try out some new sex positions or perfect those positions that have been a hard nut to crack. Be impulsive and enjoy sex in the middle of the day or in the shower. Drop subtle hints to your partner in the course of dinner and watch them struggle the entire time.

Come up with ways of eating treats off each other’s body and so on. Such moves heighten your lover’s arousal, which will lead to better sex. The goal here is to take you out of your home routine and to allow you to enjoy some spontaneity. Whatever you decide, remember to take it slow and focus on discovering new things. Also ensure that both of you are comfortable with what you intend to do.

Make time for exercise

Thought you are off exercise because you are on holiday? Not so fast. Yes, holiday is all about eating, drinking and making merry but when you add sex in the cards then exercise has to be part of it. And no, we are not talking about strenuous exercises or hours at the gym.

A little walk, a swim here or a dance here and there will do the trick. Don’t expect to have great sex all night long if you don’t have the stamina to pull it off. It is especially tricky for men for you may not be able to rise up to the challenge if you don’t have the stamina to keep going. Exercise will also make you feel better and rejuvenated, both of which contribute to a great sexual experience.

Make time for small talk

The many life and work commitments that occupy our days are bound to take a toll on your sex life. Once at home, you hardly have the time to enjoy each other’s company as you focus on the children and house chores. As such, you rarely get time to sit and converse with your partner, which is sad because such conversations are not only enlightening, but also allow couples to resolve issues.

It goes without saying that communication is the bedrock of a good relationship. When you are not immersed in sex or swimming, use the time to talk candidly and deeply. You can also dip yourselves in a tub and just chill as soft music plays in the background.

Enjoy the morning glory

It’s very common for men, especially those who don’t have erectile dysfunction, to have an erection in the morning. According to science, men have the highest testosterone levels in the morning and this explains the spontaneous morning erection otherwise referred to as morning glory or nocturnal penile tumescence.

Many people usually have no time to take advantage of this morning erection because of the morning rush to work but here is your chance to take it all in. You will also afford a late lie in bed as time is not of the essence.

Morning sex is good for your mood and your health – researchers from the University of Cincinnati found morning sex also increases levels of IgA, an antibody that helps to fight against infection.

Hence morning sex is akin to taking your daily dose of multivitamins, only much more pleasurable. In addition, due to the high testosterone levels, men are likely to last longer and finish stronger.

Bask in sun

Sex, hangover and generally feeling lethargic might confine you indoors for long that you may miss out on the numerous benefits of the sun. Sexually speaking, just 15 consecutive minutes of exposure to sunlight signals your brain to release the feel-good chemical serotonin, making it easier for you to orgasm when the time comes. So be sure to take advantage of the sun.

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