Rosemary Odinga made a public appearance  at the Raila Odinga Educational Centre for the first time after losing her eyesight.

She said that she will continue implementing her projects in Kibera to uplift the living standards of city women dwelling in slums.

“I am still struggling to adapt to the new changes, having lost my sight during my illness. I have had support from everybody around me for which I am very grateful. I will continue to do what my heart most desires – to empower women in our country,” Rosemary said.

In collaboration with I love Africa, a Korean NGO, Rosemary donated 60 sewing machines to the centre which will be used to train women for six months before they can start their own business.

“This opportunity will open doors for many women who have no jobs, who are depending on their husbands or well-wishers for support and those who desired to be self-employed,” she said.

Rosemary had suffered a minor stroke in February last year which affected her eyesight and forced her to withdraw from the Kibra parliamentary race.