Milk contains about 300mg of calcium, is rich in protein, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients needed for your child’s growth. However, your kids can find it monotonous as they grow up, and may start to resent it. To prevent this, add flavour to milk to make it more appealing and healthier for your child.

  1. Cherry smoothie.

Cherries have a natural and flavored taste that cannot be ignored. They are endowed with vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, calcium and proteins.

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How you make the cherry smoothie:

  1. Take a quarter cup of cherries and milk.
  2. Add them into a blender.
  3. Blend until the drink is fine.
  4. You can add honey instead of sugar for taste.
  5. Serve.

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2. Banana smoothie

Banana is laden with minerals like manganese that is good for the skin and potassium, which keeps the heart healthy. The fruit also helps in digestion. This is a naturally sweet, healthy drink that your child is sure to enjoy.

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How to make the drink.

  1. Take a banana and a glass of milk
  2. Add the two ingredients in the blender and blend till smooth.
  3. Serve

3. Peanut butter and chocolate smoothie

These two ingredients are rich in fats and calories and have a lot of nutrients. Get your kid to drink milk by using this trick.

How to make peanut butter and chocolate smoothie

  1. A glass of milk, two scoops of chocolate chips and a spoon of peanut butter.
  2. Blend them together.
  3. Serve this drink for dessert.

4. Honey milk.

Honey is a natural sweetener and a remedy of dry coughs and cold. The benefits it comes along with makes this all-natural drink worth considering.

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How to make honey milk

  1. Take a glass of milk and add two teaspoons of honey then stir evenly.
  2. Give this to your child especially before they go to bed. Honey acts as a sleeping aid.