How to choose the right hair salon for kids

How to choose the right hair salon for kids
  • PublishedAugust 16, 2021

Children need extra care when it comes to hair care and sometimes salons can be a scary experience. Even if it isn’t their first time, they could still be getting the hang of someone touching their hair and working their scalp.

Therefore, it’s important to ensure your child is comfortable by staying with them throughout the service to assure them and keep them distracted for the duration of the salon visit. At the heart of it, however, you must make sure that you choose the right salon for your kids. Here is a sure guide on how to find a salon suitable for your child:

Check with the staff first

Some salons are not comfortable with children and checking with the staff first helps determine if it’s the right place for your child. Kids hair stylists have a way of making the child feel comfortable throughout the service and dealing with their tender scalp. This is seen through how they practice patience when handling children and also ensure they are entertained. Find out if the staff is kid-friendly by asking them about their services and if they have previously worked with kids.

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Consider the salon environment

Does the salon specifically cater for kids’ needs? For example, do they have a small chair for the child? Do they have toys the child can play with to distract them? Kids music, salon decor and treats help a child’s salon experience be memorable and fun. Instead of being fearful about the service, the salon’s environment helps them warm up to it.

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Get recommendations

Most discoveries come about as a result of learning about them from other people. You might bump into a child with a lovely hairstyle and think of how yours will look good in it. In this case, go ahead to ask the parent where they got their service from then check it out.

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Check products used

Ensure products used on your child’s hair is favorable for their hair type and especially formulated for kids. Since children’s hair is often softer, gentle hair products will suit them best. If your child has natural hair, find out if the salon uses products meant for natural hair. This will help protect your child from hair damage that comes as a result of using harsh products.

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In a nutshell

Whether it is getting a haircut or their hair braided, the salon you pick matters a lot; you want to ensure your child gets the best service and a great look at the end of the day.

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