How to make vacationing with children stress-free

Travelling with children can be hectic let alone finding a home away from home during your vacation. Besides the planning headache, travelling can be a cause of distress for children.

How to make vacationing with children stress-free
  • PublishedAugust 2, 2021

Travelling with children can be hectic let alone finding a home away from home during your vacation. Besides the planning headache, travelling can be a cause of distress for children. Therefore, as a parent, you ought to be mindful not to ruin your entire vacation due to unforeseen challenges.

Here are a few tips to make vacationing with your children interesting.

Share the importance of travel

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Travel turns children into global citizens which helps them develop empathy. It is important to share the reason the family is taking the trip, especially when it comes to the modern self-aware child who needs to be convinced before he/she undertakes any activity. Therefore, make sure you make a good pitch by including the fun activities they are likely to take part in.

Choose a family-friendly destination/location

Some destinations are not suitable for young travellers either because they do not meet the needs of children or because they are too risky for children. As a result, choose a destination that will allow your children to explore and have fun without risking their well-being.

Pack adequately

A way to ensure you pack everything you and your children require on the trip is to do it early enough. Compile a checklist of the essentials you need on your trip so you don’t forget anything. Do your research on the weather, culture, and extra activities you could take part in so you pack accordingly. Remember to always pack light if you can.

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Acquire motion sickness medication

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Travelling may be exciting for some children but for others, it’s uncomfortable due to motion sickness. If your child falls in the latter group, ensure you get medication that will deter reaction to motion. Such medication comes with instructions that should be followed strictly for effectiveness. For instance, if they should be administered at least 30 minutes before breakfast/meals make sure you do exactly.

Carry their phones and some games

There are times when the activities of the destination do not resonate with your children’s interests. You should be able to provide an alternative form of entertainment for them urgently or you will have to deal with grumpy and unfulfilled children.

A great way to take care of that is by packing some games or books that they enjoy. Phones are also an excellent way to pass time.

Timing is ideal

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Even though most families go on vacation when schools are on break, you could try travelling in between peak seasons. Very few people vacation during the low season. As a result, it is less stressful to travel with children then. It is also easier to monitor your child’s whereabouts when you can easily spot them from a distance unlike during peak season when it is easy to lose a child in a crowd.

Low seasons are also convenient for the family and other guests who would feel obliged to entertain a young child. Great timing also ensures your children take part in activities without competing with other travellers.

Ensure you consider the weather before making your travel plans. It may not be ideal to travel during the cold or flowering seasons if you or your child has an allergic reaction to cold and pollen.

Ensure their optimal learning

If your idea is to develop global citizens then you may need to have several options to explore. These may include visiting historical sites, local villages or nature reserves.

You can enjoy the learning experience with your children or entrust them with a guide as you sit back with your feet up to enjoy the break as well. A trivia at the end of the trip would be a good way to sum up their experience as you test their understanding in the process.

Travelling with children can seem like a nightmare to most parents. However, once you master the dos and don’ts, taking your child on vacation with you can be the most fulfilling and rewarding experience in your parenting journey.

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