Getting space to put up a boutique especially in Nairobi can be very expensive. You might want a lot of space for your wares with huge display windows and in a prime business part of town. However, rent for such places will have you selling your soul to accrue. Lucky for you, prime business space exists online. Below is a guide to starting an online fashion boutique:

Write down a business plan

You need not be told the importance of having this. Every plan, purchase, profit and loss needs to be accounted for. You should seek a professional’s help if you don’t have an accounting background. Here you will explore risks, and get valuable insights of what to expect. Here are tips on making a business plan.

The merchandise

Figure out if your boutique will specialize in clothes, bags, shoes or all of them. You won’t have a physical address where people will come to shop but you still need somewhere secure to store the goods. Poor storage could leave the merchandise damaged by rats or moths. Cramped quarters cause wrinkling and premature wear and tear.

Give it a name

Your name should be a lot of things. Short, easy to remember, relate to what you sell and the overall brand. Make it something you can proudly say to someone or promote. Remember to run it on Google to make sure nobody else already has the name to avoid mix ups.

Overall look of your store

This would be your aesthetic. Think of your target audience and what appeals to them in terms of colours, fabrics, and prints. Your web page and social media handles should embody this. One should be able to take one look at it and relate it to your brand.

Product sourcing

online fashion boutique

Wares can be sourced locally or abroad depending on your customer needs. It is best to sell things that won’t delay in getting delivered to you. Familiarize yourself with the shipping and delivery process. Beware of con men notorious for packing waste fabrics in bundles after getting paid. Only use trusted services.


You will have to consider getting a brand ambassador. You might not be able to get fashion industry big wigs yet, but a model who looks good in the clothes or shoes does a lot. Capture good quality photos to post online, get a professional to do it even. It’s all visual so what you put out there matters. Another great idea is to post pictures of satisfied customers. Jump on all the trends and keep pushing your brand.

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