January is said to be one of the most depressing month and it not hard to understand why. With the festive season over, most of us are left drained financially, emotionally, and even physically. The festivities leave us with no energy to take us through the month. Snapping back to work mode after the festivities is also never an easy fete.

The year starts with people making resolutions. Beginning afresh. It is that time of the year when many people hit the gym to deal with excesses of the Christmas holiday. However after a few days, most people are back to their old selves, resolutions broken and feeling low.

So what can you do to make your January less depressing?

  • Love yourself

Remind yourself of your worth. Don’t beat yourself up just because the month is not going the way you wanted it to. Don’t push yourself too hard. You are just a human being. You cannot do everything. Appreciate the little achievements you make. Enjoy whatever good thing that comes your way.

  • Make achievable resolutions

Not all resolutions have to be difficult. Make some resolutions that are achievable. You can challenge yourself to learn how to cook a new dish, or go hiking. Let your resolutions be positive. Instead of hoping to survive the week, let your resolution be to enjoy the week.

  • Have fun

January is that time of the month where people hardly go out. Having fun does not have to be costly. Challenge yourself to do some fun stuff. Be creative. Go for an evening walk besides January isn’t too chilly. Go for a karaoke and sing yourself hoarse. Do something that lifts your spirits.

  • Be of helpful

Helping others makes us feel much better about ourselves. So do something to put a smile on someone’s face. Be involved in a charity event or play with kids. Help someone to move. Helping someone boosts your own esteem. It makes you see things positively and honestly, that’s all we want this month.

Happy January!