A Nairobi court, on Friday 5th October, found Moses Dola guilty of manslaughter in the death of his wife, a former NTV journalist.

Moses Dola is accused of killing his wife, Wambui Kabiru, in their house in Umoja Estate, Nairobi.

This was after a scuffle ensued over the volume of their radio on May 1 2011.

High Court Judge Roseline Korir, who made the ruling also ordered the cancellation of Mr Dola’s bond terms as prosecutors had proved that Ms Kabiru died an unlawful death.

Judge Korir ruled that since Dola was a stronger party in the fight that led to the death of his wife, he was therefore culpable.

Prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki also said medical examination confirmed the TV presenter was hit with a blunt object.

Domestic scuffle

Dola recounted that his wife had questioned him over the loud music while she and their son were asleep.

A fight then ensued and Kabiru, in the confrontation, fell and hurt her head.

In the confusion, Dola left the house to return later to a lifeless Kabiru.

Although he presented himself to the police later, Dola had initially disappeared.

He later himself at the station after an alert, saying he had nothing to hide.

Denied charges

Moses Dola at Milimani court on October 5, 2018 where the court found him guilty of causing the death of his wife a fellow journalist Sarah Kabiru on May 1, 2011. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

Dola had denied committing the murder in a trial that began in 2011.

His plea to have the charges reduced to manslaughter was rejected by the Attorney General that same year.

The attorney general stated that there was enough evidence to sustain a murder trial.

A psychiatrist also deemed him fit for a trial.

In May 2016, the High Court ruled that the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt against journalist Dola for Kabiru’s murder.

Judge Korir also ordered prosecutors to prepare a pre-sentencing report ahead of the mention of the case on October 26.

The accused will remain in custody until then.

The ruling comes in the wake of public outcry over the violent murders of Monica Kimani and Sharon Otieno.