The use of technology has become a integral part of our daily lives, so much so that 79% of respondents in a recent study by marital app Lasting found it to be a distraction in their relationships.

According to Well and Good, only a dismal 22% of the 75 000 married couples in the study were actually satisfied with the amount of “intentional couple time” they enjoyed with their partners. This entailed time they’d intentionally set aside to bond, tech-free.

So what is a digital detox? It entails spending a period of time away from the use of technology such as cellphones and laptops to alleviate stress and engage more meaningfully with the physical world and others.

These are some of the benefits your relationship can enjoy from of a digital detox:

More quality time with your partner 

Without any technological distractions and by being present in the moment, the quality of time spent with your partner will benefit greatly, helping you reconnect more deeply.

A calmer partner can make for a better partner

Studies have shown a correlation between feelings of anxiety and one’s digital dependence. According to Health Fitness Revolution, “anxiety is tied to the dopamine release we get when we receive stimulants like social media notifications or text messages”. That said, less interruptions from emails, text messages or social media can help reduce feelings of anxiety, helping your partner enjoy a more relaxed you.

Avoid unreasonable relationship comparisons

On social media, #CoupleGoals are a dime a dozen. However, the reality behind the picture-perfect moments shared on social media can be completely different.

More healthier activities to experience together

Doing things together like taking a walk or learning a new skill or craft together helps build stronger bonds while reaping the physical and mental health benefits.