iphone's FaceTime glitch that eavesdrops conversations discovered

  • PublishedJanuary 30, 2019

iPhone users discovered a major bug on FaceTime (Apple’s video and audio chat service) which allows callers to hear audio of the person on the other end even before they can accept or reject the call.The bug also allows you to see a live video of the recipient if he or she tries to dismiss the call by hitting the volume button.

The bug achieves this by gaining access  to the microphone and front-facing video camera of the person being called while their phone is still ringing or even when the call has been declined.

How does this bug work?

Start a FaceTime video call
Before the other person picks, swipe from the bottom of the screen.
Click Add Person
Add your own number.

This will start a group chat between you and the recipient and you’ll be able to hear the audio of your call’s recipient whether they accept the call or not.

Apple has owned up to this glitch through its statement released on Monday night. “We’re aware of the issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week,” read part of the statement.

Apple has since disabled Group FaceTime in a bid to deal with the issue. Users should in the meantime turn off FaceTime until the bug has been fixed.

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