Presenters and musicians have been locking horns for quite a while now over the preference of foreign content over Kenyan music. While this debate has been around for quite a while, comedian Jalang’o seems to have sparked the fire after he lashed out on the musicians claiming that they lack content and the creativity when it comes to producing and marketing their songs.

“Diamond launched his Album in more than 10 countries some of you have not launched even for your family! We can’t play what we don’t know!” he wrote.

This came after Khaligraph Jones wrote a mocking post to the presenters and DJs by promising to pay for a trip to Nigeria in order to determine if they have any fans there since they keep playing foreign content.

Several musicians have come up to defend Kenyan music industry over the remarks by Jalang’o. Daddy Owen defended the claims that Kenyan musicians have no content. “This world is all about correcting each other. If we make mistakes correct us but do not claim that we do not have content,” said Daddy Owen in an interview with Baraka FM.

Gospel rapper Collo put the blame on artists and blamed the lack of unity in the industry as one of the challenges that must be dealt with . According to Collo, Kenyan artists do not understand teamwork. Everyone wants to seem better than the other instead of working together to improve the situation. Collo termed the Kenyan music industry as ‘an entertainment scene full of hedonistic and narcissistic talents who need to meet faith!’

While the two sides continue locking horns, some of the big names in the music industry have chosen to keep their opinions to themselves.

Nonini called out artists who have remained silent as the debate rages on. “And then we have Kenyan musicians who like sitting on the fence whenever any meaningful industry discussions are taking place ndio wasikosee mabeste zao. Bunch of sell outs tunawacheki #ZeroRespect”

The debate has prompted the government to invite various stakeholders in the music industry for a presidential round table to discuss the way forward.