A 28-year-old Kakamega woman who gave birth to quintuplets (5 babies) on March 10 has succumbed to complications.

Everline Namukhula passed away yesterday at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH)  barely eight days after losing two of her newborns.

According to the Chief Executive of MTRH, Dr Wilson Aruasa, Mrs Namukhula suffered a pulmonary embolism (blockage of an artery in the lungs by a blood clot).

“This morning, doctors recommended a CT scan to identify the spot of the blood clot. Immediately after the scan, she vomited, started sweating and had difficulty in breathing before collapsing at midday,” Dr Aruasa told the Daily Nation Newspaper.

The deceased was immediately rushed to a semi intensive care unit, where she was declared dead upon arrival.

“Initial tests confirmed that her heart was enlarged and some fluids had formed around it. We can’t determine what happened. A post-mortem examination will confirm that. For now we can’t say much. Let’s allow the family to grieve,” Dr Aruasa added.

The remaining three children, all girls, are doing well and are being closely monitored by MTRH nurses.

“We’ve been supporting their breathing through a ventilator. We are also expanding their lungs to ensure they breath properly,” the Director of Reproductive Health at the maternity wing, Dr Philip Kirwa said.

Apart from the three surviving babies, Mrs Namukhula has left behind four other children under the care of her husband, Mr Emmanuel Wanjala who is deaf and does odd jobs in order to provide for his family.