J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen get bashed for patron mistreatment

  • PublishedDecember 16, 2019

Kenyans online have expressed dismay with the J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen’s staff following a patron’s assault claims.

The patron identified as Fay Hersi took to her Instagram to narrate her ordeal, and said she was allegedly slapped, had lemon water thrown at her. When her friend came to her aid, security guards apparently choked her. All these, she says, happened because she asked for her balance from a bartender who insisted she had already given it back to her.

The bar’s security intervened and when she asked to see the manager, a man she identified as Vincent appeared.

The said Vincent would then have her locked up in a room where he repeatedly hit her, all the while mocking her and saying there was nothing she could do since the room has no CCTV.  She claims this went on for two hours. All this happened while the owner of the club was standing just a few metres away.

Both Fay and Vincent have recorded statements with the police, with, according to Fay, Vincent claiming he was the one that was held for two hours.

The J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen has now threatened to sue the patron and all the involved parties for defamation, after a ‘thorough investigation’ of their CCTVs showed they were on the wrong.

Kenyans online have decried the bar’s blatant disregard of the patrons’ security, mistreatment and racism with a section of Kenyan celebrities joining them on the same.

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