A beautiful bag is hard to resist you want to carry it all over and show it off to your friends. However, a bag isn’t a bag without the genius designer behind it, just like Versace handbags are well known for its designer Don Tela Versace.

Kenya hasn’t been left behind in this venture and here are some  Kenyan designer bags making a significant  contribution to this sector:

Micheal Soi handbags

If there any bags that have created a buzz in the fashion industry would be Micheal soi handbags they are simple and perfect for the weekend.

Rift Africa

If you looking for longevity Rift Africa has the bags for you the bags are made from African leather and come with different shapes and designs to serve you for many years without wear and tear.

Urban Phunk

Urban Phunk is a clothing and apparel company that express its designs with character. They make the coolest custom made bags with a touch of African.

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Kenyan brand that makes different types of bags from travel bags, gym bags, swimming bags conducive to any environment you find yourself in.