Today, Kenyans took to social media to express their anger and annoyance over the fact that Kenyan media stations were covering the death of former head of state President Daniel Arap Moi more than the Kakamega tragedy.

On Monday night, the tragic news that 14 children had died and 39 others injured in a Kakamega Primary School during a stampede shocked the nation. Subsequently, concerned Kenyans sent out their condolences and prayers to the affected families.

However, before Kenyans could come to terms with the tragedy that had befallen their children, they woke up to the news that the former head of state President Daniel Arap Moi had passed away on Tuesday February 4th.


Kenyans outraged at lack of coverage

Although the national tragedy saddened Kenyans in general, some were upset that the passing of 95-year-old Moi was dominating the airwaves and the Kakamega tragedy had taken a back-seat in the media. Consequently, those looking for updates on the developing story of the Kakamega casualties expressed their anger at the lack of coverage by the media.


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Some family members were far and could not make it to the scene for one reason or another. They were relying on the media to tell them how the tragedy was unfolding.