Missing KCSE candidate found in Naivasha

  • PublishedNovember 9, 2018

A missing KCSE candidate was found in Naivasha drugged days after the examinations began.

The student from Karuri High School in Kiambaa, Kiambu County was found loitering around Longonot Trading Center.

He was found by members of the public who took him to the area police station.

The student looked confused and gave different stories of how he got to the area from his home.

As a result of this, headteachers from various secondary schools in the area were asked by the police to identify the student although none recognized him.

One of the headteachers who requested not to be named said that the student was into drugs.

He further said that the student admitted that he was a KCSE candidate in Kiambu but could not recall how he got to Naivasha.

” The student had either used some drugs because we could not understand his words,” he said.

Naivasha sub-county education officer said he had talked to his Kiambu counterpart and that the student had been received by the parents.

” The student has missed all the exams since Monday and he was last seen on Friday during the rehearsals,” he said.

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