A new world ranking done by an international travel-booking company Tourlane has named Nairobi as the most eco-friendly getaway in Africa.

Worldwide, Nairobi was number 14 in a list of 50 environmentally-friendly cities for a getaway in the world.

“Nairobi is the highest-ranked African destination, and is an excellent place to start a safari trip around Kenya,” Tourlane wrote on their research findings.

A screenshot of part of the list of the top 50 most eco-friendly cities in the world.
[Source: tourlane.com]

The ranking guidelines

The researchers used eight categories to come to the above conclusions. Each category was out of 10 and so the total score was out of 80 points.

  1. Train accessibility
  2. Public transport
  3. Levels of car ownership
  4. The percentage of green space in a city
  5. The ratio of locals to tourists
  6. Clean air, according to the World Air Quality Index
  7. Renewable energy (the percentage of total energy consumption that comes from renewable energy)
  8. Recycling (the percentage of recycled waste)

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Nairobi’s high ranking was as a result of the low car ownership, the use of renewable energy, and its low ratio of tourists to locals. In total, Nairobi garnered 36.25 points.

However, Nairobi got zero points for train accessibility and public transport. This means that you cannot access other countries using Nairobi’s trains or metros and light rail networks.

Nairobi also got low points (1.78) for clean air and waste recycling (2.19). The city scored slightly below average when it came to the area covered in green space (4.79).

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There were only three African cities on the list

Other than Nairobi, there were only two other African cities in the list – Cape Town, South Africa and Marrakesh, Morocco.

Cape Town was ranked number 41 on the list and scored highly for green space, clean air and low car ownership. Marrakesh closed the list at number 50.

Germany’s capital city, Berlin, was ranked the most eco-friendly getaway in the world owing to its high percentage of waste recycling.

Here is the full list of the top 50 most eco-friendly cities in the world.