New pill offers hope for millions in battle against obesity

  • PublishedMay 2, 2019

Scientists from Singapore have come up with a medical breakthrough which is set to give relief to obese people.

Those struggling with obesity will just have to swallow a pill called ‘Endopill’ which enlarges when it gets to the stomach giving one a feeling of fullness hence reducing the rate of food consumption.

“Orally administered self-inflating weight loss capsule could represent a non-invasive alternative to tackle the global obesity epidemic,” the scientists who are from the Nanyang Technological University and the National University Health System wrote in a press release.

The pill will be a better option as compared to ‘intragastric balloons’, which are another mode of managing obesity. This option is invasive as the balloons are placed in a patient’s stomach using an endoscope and requires the patients to be sedated. Once the balloons are in a patient’s stomach, they are inflated using a tube. The balloons are then deflated and removed after six months.

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