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Nimo Gachuiri opens up on online bullying of children

Nimo Gachuiri opens up on online bullying of children
  • PublishedMay 16, 2024

Nimo Gachuiri, a recording artist, influencer and entrepreneur, shares her experience about managing her child’s online presence. She discusses the challenges she’s encountered in the strategies she employs to safeguard her child online, integrating the principles of the Children’s Online Protection Act. She shares her insights with DIANA MUCHAI.

In today’s digital era, striking a balance between online exposure and safety poses a significant challenge for many parents. Nemo reflects on the initial hurdles she faced when she began sharing about her child online. “When I started posting, we encountered friction with certain groups. We faced bullying, and while I wasn’t initially keen on putting our child out there, his dad was, so I deferred to his lead,” she recalls. The onslaught of negative comments and bullying directed at her child were deeply distressing. “People were calling my baby ugly. It was heart wrenching,” she adds.

To navigate these challenges, Nimo made the decision to limit her child’s online exposure. “I mainly post about him on my own page, mostly on stories, where feedback is more controlled,” she explains. She perceives her social media as a personal album, a space to preserve memories while exercising control over her child’s visibility.

Nimo stresses the importance of parental controls and monitoring screen time. She encourages outdoor activities and limits screen time enforcing parental controls on devices and Netflix. “We’ve restricted his access to Netflix, emphasizing that it’s not suitable for him. He mostly watches YouTube, where we’ve set up controls to ensure he only views appropriate content,” she explains. By incorporating YouTube Kids on shared devices and using regular YouTube on personal devices, they ensure ongoing safety, even when they’re not actively monitoring his usage. This approach aligns with the Children’s Online Protection Act’s aim to promote safe Internet usage for children, preventing others from corrupting algorithms to suggest age-inappropriate content.

As public figures Nimo and her husband are deliberate about their online sharing. “We carefully choose what to share. There are aspects we keep private to shield our child from undue scrutiny,” she explains. This deliberate curation aids in managing their child’s online presence while prioritizing his safety. It’s about delineating between their brand and personal lives.

Nimo advocates for building a child’s confidence through affirmations and setting boundaries. “Start nurturing your child’s confidence. Teach them self-love and resilience,” she advises. They have a daily affirmation ritual, fostering self-love and confidence in her child, buffering him against negative comments.

“Utilize parental controls and closely monitor their online activities,” she suggests. She underscores the importance of shielding children until they equipped to navigate the online world independently.

Nimo Gachuiri’s journey underscores the crucial balance between online exposure and safety. By integrating the principles of the Children Online Protection Act into daily life, parents can cultivate a safer digital environment for their children. The Communications Authority of Kenya, through the Child Online Protection Act, offers a comprehensive framework to shield children from online threats, ensuring a secure digital space for young users. Nimo’s experience serves as a valuable compass for parents navigating the intricacies of raising children in the digital age.

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