No Small Plan: Social enterprise 'Thankyou' on a mission to help end extreme poverty

No Small Plan: Social enterprise 'Thankyou' on a mission to help end extreme poverty
  • PublishedOctober 9, 2020

An Australian consumer products company, Thankyou,  is urging people around the world to join their movement to change the culture of consumerism with a mission to end extreme poverty in a global campaign dubbed ‘No Small Plan’.

Thankyou has thus launched a bold initiative to involve everyone in the fight against extreme poverty. According to the World Bank, global extreme poverty is expected to rise drastically for the first time in 20 years due to the economic disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which is the premise of Thankyou’s move.

Based on an announcement made on September 29, Thankyou is seeking to flip consumerism by inviting P&G and Unilever, two of the world’s largest and most influential consumer goods manufacturers , to make and distribute Thankyou products globally to help end extreme poverty.

To convince these companies to take this bold move, Thankyou is banking on collective power of the masses who believe in this change through its campaign. Thankyou offers consumer products – personal care and baby products – for the sole purpose of funding life-changing projects. To date, Thankyou has raised over AUD $17 million serving the world’s poorest populations with its impact partners and helped over 857,000 people across 22 countries with access to basic human needs.

‘I’m in are you?’

To participate in the campaign, Managing Director and Co-founder Daniel Flynn and his team are urging people all over the world to share the campaign on social media tagging P& G and Unilever, with the caption ‘i’m in, are you?’ and the hashtag #thankyoutotheworld.

Founded in 2008 by Australian students, Thankyou currently sells its products in Australia and New Zealand but COVID-19 increasing both global poverty numbers and demand for personal care products such as hand sanitiser has necessitated a quick expansion.

If either P&G or Unilever choose to accept Thankyou’s invitation, together they could route millions of consumer dollars to ending extreme poverty.

Featured Image: Courtesy of Thankyou.

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