A Pastor in Uganda has enlisted the help of local elders to help him eject his daughter’s husbands from her home, an undertaking that is proving rather futile. 36-year old Ann-Grace Aguti from the Ngora village of Eastern Uganda, has plans and none of them include settling down with one husband, at least not in the near future. She is turning the matrimonial notions of her community on their heads, by being an out and out polyandrist.

When she first got married, it was to a man she has described as ‘useless’, whose only pastime was guzzling alcohol, as she went out to to earn a living. When she had had enough of him, she left her matrimonial home and went back to her father, who gave her a piece of land to settle in. Her business acumen has caused her to start a successful business selling boiled cow hooves.

Soon after, she brought a man home, the first of many, but not being familiar with her plans, he beat her up when he realised she still had her eyes on other men. She had him thrown out and has since brought three more men home, built them all houses in her homestead. She says she is looking for a man who will treat her like a queen and will not stop until she finds him.

She was on the lookout for more men when her frustrated dad sought help from local elders and leaders to help him make sense of his daughter’s new avocation.

The area’s local laws demand that every person present recommendation letters from previous areas of residence to the local authorities, something none of the three men had done, and they were thus evicted.

One of the three husbands is back, however, after meeting the identification requirements. Meanwhile, Grace still has her eyes out, looking for more men to add to her collection, till she finds the one.