Award winning musician Pharrell William in collaboration with Adidas have launched Solar Hu, a collection of brightly colored athletics clothing and trainers

The collection draws inspiration from the colours of flags of East African countries and comprises of tank tops, t-shirts, running tights and pairs of shorts.

The shoes come in three different colour schemes and each pair is sold with two additional pairs of laces while the clothing takes on the same colour scheme but with detailed patterns and designs.

In an interview with Complex News, Pharell revealed that the reason they opted for East Africa was due to the dominance of the region in long distance races with Kenya topping the list. According to him, the region did not enjoy the visibility and pop culture it deserves.

“The collection focuses on running and aims at highlighting and showcasing the rich African culture, especially that of long-distance running.A lot of the people in our campaigns were of Sudanese, Senegalese and Kenyan descent because we wanted to highlight some of the beautiful skin complexion that’s often seen there,” he said.

“Hu is short for human, human being, human race, humankind.  But hue itself is a reference to colour. As human beings we all have colour. We look different, we all speak different languages, but we’re all connected.” Pharrell said.