RECIPE: Coconut Chicken stew with rice

If you’re a “Do It Yourself” type of person then you just landed on the right recipe. Nothing beats a coconut chicken stew with rice as illustrated by Kate Wa

  • PublishedNovember 20, 2017

If you’re a “Do It Yourself” type of person then you just landed on the right recipe. Nothing beats a coconut chicken stew with rice as illustrated by Kate Wa Gladys.


You start by cleaning your chicken. For kienyeji, boil in ginger and garlic to make it soft.

2. Grind some ginger and garlic. I find this better than kinu or blender but the point ni kubonda. So whichever way works for you, go ahead.

3. Now we marinate the chicken. Garam masala, chicken masala, ginger and garlic, salt and pepper. You can add some heat with Spanish paprika. But I cook for kids so mild spices for me.

4. Add a cup of milk per chicken. Stir well.

5. Add in your hens.

6. Using your hands, mix mix mix. Hadi uone enyewe you have mixed.

7. Cover and let it absorb those flavours. Around 3 hours will be enough. Sasa swali Kate, what if ni road runner. Aka Kuku Ya wilderness, ama Kuku Ya kujitafutia, ama jogoo baba Ya watoto WA neighborhood… Good question. Kata shingo. Futa Futa. Chinja utoe mastomachs. Cut into good pieces. Wekelea maji kwa Kuni. Weka ginger na garlic. Weka mnyama ndani. Therukia theru theru…. Till soft. Ngojea ipoe. Weka kwa marination.

8. Put in your Kuku bila the liquid part of the marinade. Save it for later.

9. Cover and cook till dry. So, why do we cover food when cooking?

10. Now when the chicken is done, and has turned brown, toa from the heat and put on a tray. Ama sufuria ingine. Point is, onoria. Resist the urge to eat at this point. Please please.

Now, add a little oil in the sufuria. We use the same so that we don’t waste all this goodness still at the bottom.

11. Weka onions. Be generous. Kitunguu gives food such good flavor

12. Cook till just translucent. Najua wengine wako transwho? Till just whitish.

13. Add ginger n garlic. You can never have too much ginger and garlic. Please make sure it’s more garlic than ginger. Cook them till neighbors complain. Now add coconut cream. Be generous. Koroga

14. Add tomato paste. Koroga

15. You now have something that looks like this.

16. Add blended tomatoes. Just for volume. Fresh tomatoes are better than paste. So you can just use this. I love the paste for thickness. Koroga kila Kitu n u get this nice thick sauce. Umechoka?? Remember the marinade I told you to put aside… Add to it here. Remember it has the salt, and all the lovely spices. Cook this sauce till nice and creamy. About a minute. Add your hens.

17. Mix mix mix… And food is ready.

18. Presentation. Serve vizuri. And be proud. Coz uko level ingine Sasa… Na kama hujui chapo soft, jiongee tu tusaidiane. Being still in the Lord is standing firm even in the midst of a storm. When you know who holds you and so the wind and fire don’t make you move from your God. Because you know He will protect you. Keep at the faith and continue to stand on His word. His promises are true and amen.


For a more comprehensive recipe check out Kate Wa Gladys on Facebook. You will not be disappointed.

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