Scalp caring tips for Bald or clean-shaven heads

  • PublishedFebruary 25, 2014

 It takes time and work to maintain a great looking bald or clean-shaven head. Bald men particularly need to take special care of their scalp. Whether bald by choice through shaving or simply as a result of thinning hair, bald scalps are susceptible to sun damage, windburn, allergens, acne, irritants, chemicals in the air and water, and extreme temperatures that would often not affect men who are not bald.

Of great concern is that bald men who shave need to be concerned about razor rash, razor burns, razor bumps, cuts on the head and other discomforts. Shaving your hair daily and exposing it to the sun can leave your scalp dry and flaky. As a precaution, always use a good moisturiser on your scalp every morning. The scalp is particularly more susceptible to damage from the sun than other parts of the body. Thus you need to use good sunscreen on your scalp before prolonged sun exposure. There are a lot of skin care products on the market that can provide adequate care for your shaved head.

 Practical ways to care for your scalp…

Observe hygiene: Just like your hair would get dirty, scalps also get dirty. When they are dirty, bald scalps build up excess oil that can lead to blemishes, pimples and other skin issues. Wash your scalp daily and apply a gentle moisturiser if the skin seems dry.

Keep off acne: Acne results when follicles are clogged with oil and dirt. This leads to inflammation, which results in pus-filled pimples that are commonly known as acne. Treat acne flare-ups with an over the counter acne medication and exfoliate the skin on your bald scalp regularly to keep it clean.

Stop rashes: The skin on your scalp is delicate and can be easily irritated. It may react adversely to certain shampoos or fragranced soaps, wool hats, perspiration and other things. You can treat this by applying an over the counter cream when rashes or redness occur and consult a doctor if the rash is persistent, spreads or bleeds. Instead of wearing wool hats, go for cotton ones. Also use shampoos or soap specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Shave smart: Do not shave your scalp too often or too carelessly. Ensure that your hair is at least one-quarter inch long so that it is not too short to shave. For wet shaving, use warm to hot water, lather generously with shaving cream and keep moist. In addition, when preparing for a shave, have a long hot shower before. Use a clean, new blade every time you shave moving the shaver along the hair grain, not against it. Of equal importance is taking care of raw skin on your scalp with an aftershave moisturising solution with aloe vera. If the skin seems dry or flaky, use a moisturising cream formulated for sensitive skin.


Stay out of the sun: Bald scalps are extremely vulnerable to the sun’s damaging UV rays. In fact most types of skin cancer can quickly develop on bald scalps, so it is critical that you protect your bald scalp from the sun. Apply sunscreen to your scalp everyday. Wear a hat to fully protect the delicate scalp skin from the sun’s rays. Treat sunburn promptly with aloe vera gel, and make sure you see your dermatologist at least once a year to check your scalp for moles, growths and other skin changes that could lead to skin cancer.

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