A father-daughter bond has been touted as one of the most important emotional bonds a woman will ever have. HENRY KAHARA, EDNA MARIMA and ESTHER AKELLO explore this father-daughter relationship.

The perks of a present dad – Dr Sahondra Kiplagat, 46

The late Ambassador Dr Bethuel Kiplagat will always be remembered for his charisma and fierce belief in the dignity of life that saw him earn the title ‘peace ambassador’, following his efforts to help broker peace deals in warring countries in Africa. And while all the above are commendable values and achievements, it’s his most basic role, that of a (present) father, that stands out the most to his family and especially his 46-year-old daughter, Sahondra (pronounced Sa-oo-ndra in Malagasy) Kiplagat.

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The gap of an absentee father – Esther Gathoni Njuguna, 22

Depression, lack of self-esteem, a distorted self-image, lack of confidence, suicidal thoughts and a misplaced craving for masculine love are just a few of the things Esther has had to deal with growing up without her father. She was totally oblivious of the source of all these things, which unfortunately shaped who she was becoming. She knows better now.

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What psychologists say about absent fathers

Cases of children growing up with absent dads are not new but they have been on the rise in the recent past. According to Annread Kamunde, a consultant counsellor at the Kenya Institute of Business and Counseling Studies, the number of children growing up without a father figure is worrying.

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