Shattered Dreams Following Husband's Tragic Death

  • PublishedNovember 1, 2011

Susan Wanjiru paused from washing the dishes in the kitchen and listened to her husband and children playing hide and seek in the sitting room. There was so much noise and excitement you could be forgiven for assuming there was a children’s party or a kindergarten playgroup. She could not help but thank God for bringing her family this far. Hard work, faith and confidence that they would make it had helped.

It had been a long journey to settling as a happy family. Susan’s husband, Michael Mwikonyi Njoroge a matatu driver, only found time to bond with the children on Sundays when he was off duty. These were days the family cherished. As usual, on this particular Sunday, April 13, 2010, they had had a good outing in Nairobi and the excitement had spilled over to the house.Subscribe here for more

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