Some politicians were in for a rude shock after the SRC (Salaries and Remuneration Commission) announced that they would only allow male politicians to name one wife in their medical scheme.

The scheme only allows for family members including one spouse and four children aged less than 25 years and are dependent on the legislator, to be covered. The directive came into effect after the enactment of the 2010 constitution.

Some legislators like Budalang’i Mp Raphael Wanjala were caught off guard and have already protested the move,

“What will some of us with more than one wife do? It is unfair for Parliament to cater for one spouse in the medical insurance for MPs. It should have remained as it was in the past, when we were around to give details of two wives and five children.”

Other legislators who say that it is common knowledge that most MP’s are polygamous have termed the move as unfortunate even saying it might split families.